Well, I was just reading my sister's blog and I realized how very long it has been since I posted on this one. I'm sorry! (Especially to Tina!) Ok, well, I just completed the Fall semester with a 3.6 average. The breakdown is as follows:
CHI 351 Practical Chinese A-
MES 201 Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies A
PLS 283 Chinese Politics B
PLS 316 Human Rights in International Politics A-

I'm not terribly happy about the B in Chinese Politics but it is a really difficult subject when you are raised in the American system. Speaking of Chinese, I applied for a program that will be a summer school type thing for 2 months in China all expenses paid by the State Department. That would be so amazing if I got it. It would cover the equivalent of 2 semesters of college level Chinese in 2 months. If you wish for more information, check out clscholarship.org This is also the same department as the the Boren award, which is a 2 year thing with a service requirement and that is something I definitely would fit into. I like free things. I like Chinese. I want to work in the State Department. They pay for me to study Chinese. Then, I get a job in the State Department. See how well that works out? Right now, I'm at my dad's office working on converting old home movies into a digital format and cataloging them so they will be easy to find, share and view. Easy enough that my mom can do it is the goal but that is no mean feat. Enough for now, besitos a todos!