...Because We Don't Wear Tight Jeans

Today, I went into the Padnos Center and talked with Kristen again. She was in Cracow last year so she has been a great resource to know what to expect. I talked to her about computer labs, coat checks, tipping policies and what the weather is like. When she was there, it only snowed twice. It is still bitter cold but there just isn't that much snow. No snow means no slush which makes me very happy. This means I will be able to wear my Chucks. I also asked her about clothes and what the level of formality is on the street. At the orientation, the lady who was presenting the information said that Europeans dress much more formally than we do which got me worried that I wouldn't be able to wear jeans out on the street. I asked Kristen about it and she said that she wore jeans all the time and the only reason she didn't blend in completely was because her jeans were flared, she wore sneakers and her coat was bright orange (sounding familiar?). I'm okay with this because in Taiwan it was as if I was perfectly created to stick out. I was a head taller than many of the people, fat, white and had huge dirty blond hair. Loose jeans and flats, I can handle.