Good Day All Around

Today was a very good day.  Nothing particularly wonderful happened but a lot of small good things happened.  I got to work early.   I was able to do a lot of job search for my clients.  One of my clients has an interview on Wednesday that I am very hopeful about.  Stephanie and I will be teaching job club tomorrow and I think we have a lot of great content that will allow us to keep our students engaged.  Justin will be home a lot more this week so Bug won't be alone nearly as much.  This makes me feel far less guilty about going to work. Also, I have been asked to contribute a dessert for our United Way kickoff dessert auction.  I feel quite honored by this.  Last year, one of the desserts was sold for $1000!  I hope mine gets that much!


Life with Bug

I realize that a lot of things have been happening in my life and it would be great to have a chronicle of them.  I got Buffy who has been renamed Bug.  She is darling!  She wants to be with people all of the time but she's slowly learning that I am going to come back each day.  Her personality is also blossoming.  It adds some stress and work but having a dog is so worth it.