Requiem for a Weekend

I'm getting sick. This is not cool. Having a three day training this week was really quite nice but now I have a thre day weekend and I have a feeling it will be spent drinking a crap ton of tea and running through a box of tissues. It's not like I had significant plans but I would still like options. Also, there might be snow. This means buses may be shut down and I could be stranded. At least Bug is going to get a lot of snuggle time. I was able to get home early almost every day this week because of the training being 20 minutes away from my house. She has been very happy to go outside while there was some sun left. I have been taking her to Petco and the mall to get more used to strangers. It's wonderful to see her get more social and confident. We still have a long way to go but she is such a success story for rehabilitating strays. I doubt she was straight up feral but she has not had an easy life. She still cowers and doesn't know how to play but at least she wants to play. She will go into a play bow and run around me. If I try to play with her, she will drop and submit. This is a lot of progress when you consider where she started. She will fetch sometime in the next few months. When I throw a toy, she will chase after it and sniff at it but she doesn't pick them up. It will be a triumphant day when she picks it up.


Panic at the Disco!

There has been an uptick in crime around my work.  I can handle the muggings.  I know how to handle myself in a confident manner that makes me an unlikely target for that kind of crime.  Last night it went to a whole new level.  There was a murder across the street from ACRS.  It happened right before I left with a group of work friends.  We saw the ambulance and the paramedics were working on a person.  There were nine police cars, a fire truck and an unmarked police vehicle.  They were putting up the crime scene tape as we walked past.  It turns out the person they were working on, a black man wearing tan pants with no shirt because the EMT's cut it off, was already dead.  I didn't know that when I saw it. He wasn't tubed and they weren't performing compressions so I assumed he was OK and the real victim was elsewhere.  His arm fell to the side as they loaded him into the ambulance.  There was also a fire in downtown Seattle.  That fire made them shut off the power in the transit tunnel so we couldn't take the train to my normal stop.  The tunnel was so empty.  It was eerie.  I was really shaken last night.  It threw me off in a big way.  I'm so glad that I have a training for the next 2 days so I don't have to go back right away.