Day 18: Brief Blogging Hiatus

I did the Fat Blaster workout today.  I've had my first two days of work since my last post. I think I might be able to last there. :)  It has been stressful and hard but it's just because there is so much information.  Once I'm over that hump, I'll be able to settle in pretty easily.  I'm going to Grand Rapids tonight.  I'm so excited to see all of my family on Veto Street.  I feel kind of off not seeing Julia every day.  I'm so glad that I can get my "fix" of those people.  I have to shower and such.  I don't think that I will be able to blog while I'm there because they don't have internet there right now.  I will be bringing the videos along so I will still be working out while I'm there.


Day 16: Work....Out

I did my sculpting workout today.  I think I might try to switch that up too.  The Power 90 workout is a good starting point but it is just 3 circuits of the same muscle groups.  It also includes 3 sets of push-ups which can be valuable but they are not my thing.  There is a Turbo Jam toning workout with the resistance tubing that I might try doing in rotation.  I feel bad since my mom paid for the Power 90 just for me so I feel like I should be doing it every day.  I like the variety of the cardio in Turbo Jam so much better though.  I also like how dance oriented it is.  I end up drenched in sweat and in a good mood after Turbo Jam.  Honestly, what more can you ask from a work out?  I recently weighed myself and I haven't made any progress.  I know I actually have because I've built muscle so staying the same means that I lost fat but I want those numbers to go down.  This means that I need to incorporate better eating habits.  That has happened automatically by being at my parents' house.  I have some accountability now.  I need to step up my game though.
In news about my life, I start work today.  I'm excited.  It will be something to get me out of the house.  I think it's kind of badass that Biggby's was the only place I applied and I got hired.  Not like this is a career or anything but it is a paycheck.  After work, I'm going to the beach with Andrea.  That should be interesting.  I haven't really talked to her at all for almost a year.  Now, we are spending the day together.  Who knows? It could end up being awesome.  I'm hoping so!


Day 15: Flagging Enthusiasm

I'm so pissed at myself.  I'm just out of the first two weeks of this program and I'm already missing workouts.  I didn't work out yesterday for no reason at all.  I already did the Punch, Kick and Jam workout this morning.  That is good because I normally don't work out until later in the day.  I have nothing to do today except laundry and work out.  I have plenty of time to go on the treadmill and such.  I need to make up for the missed workouts.  Gah!


Day 13: Lunge, Lunge....Millipede!

If you can't tell by the title, while I was doing my workout today, I came across a millipede.  I'm not a fan of arthropods getting up in my business so I was not happy.  It wasn't that big but they are still creepy.  I did the sculpting workout but there are hard floors at the cabin which makes push-ups really painful on my knees.  For the second set, I tried to do it with a pillow under my knees but that had my slipping and sliding so I just skipped the push-ups.
Yesterday, we went to an outlet mall and I got two really cute tops and a fantastic trench coat at Lane Bryant.  It's a classic cut but it's vibrant kelly green.  It is so me!  We also went to two more wineries and therefore, got our free wineglass.  I bought a bottle of wine from the Hillside Winery.  It's called "Black and Blue."  It's a wine made from blackberries and blueberries.  I think it's really extraordinary and kind of crazy.  The lady pouring for us at the tasting rattled off the description and it was so dead on.  The first sip is kind of sharp and you get the blackberry.  The second sip is smooth with blueberry.  The third sip is when they mix together.  She said it was their version of tequila because it makes your clothes come off.  I really liked it and I wanted to share with my friends so I bought it.


Day 12: Bear Naked

Yesterday, I saw a bear.  Yes, a real bear in the real world.  No fences in between me and the bear.  I was about 20 yards away.  My mom has her epic telephoto lens so she got pictures of his cute little face.  I was also like 15 feet from a deer.  That was also cool.  Unfortunately, the tour we took was all in the car.  We got out to see the bear but other than that, it was not an active tour.  I also didn't work out yesterday which means I skipped two days in a row.  I think we are going to go hiking today so I can make up for some lost time but I'm disappointed in myself.  I did Cardio Party 3 today with my mom.  To help repent for my missed workout, I did it with the most intensity I've ever done. All the high-impact options and extra movements are possible now because I've improved my cardiovascular fitness enough.  I breathe hard and get sweaty but I can still keep going.  Part of that is my improved fitness but I think another part is getting over the mental block.  Knowing that I can keep going even if I'm tired because I know once it's over, I'm done. I don't need to hold anything back or save it for later.  Also, the turbos make me feel great because I know that even when I do go all out, the energy comes back pretty fast.  My mom being right next to me and my competitive nature don't hurt either.


Day 10: Sit and Be Fit?

I just spent 12 hours in a car with my sister and 2 dogs.  The trip should have only been like 9.5 but my dad had to go to Fricker's which took us out of the way and also, dogs add approx. 10-20% to the driving time for poop stops.  The scenery here is beautiful though.  The cabin is huge!  I have my own king size bed and an en suite bath so no complaints for the accommodations.  Right now, Cookie is whining up a storm because my mom isn't here so she's stressed.  Oddly enough, Coco is sitting in my lap with no problems and is actually giving me kisses.
I feel bad for not working out today.  We did leave before 8 this morning and just arrived about an hour ago.  I needed to shower because I was completely coated in dog hair.  Sway and Swagger are both shedding their winter coats right now so it's super bad.  I was also in charge of dog wrangling so my sister could drive.  Yeah, I was literally coated.  Not so much fun.  I'll try to make up the skipped workout.  We should be out active a lot so I think I can catch up.


Day 9: Sweat Bucket

I continued on my Turbo Jam kick and did Fat Blaster today.  I love that workout!  It is just a series of 4 anaerobic drills so it gets your heart rate up really high.  I am so sweaty right now and it's wonderful.  I don't like being sweaty during almost any other time but a good sweat clears my head.  There's science in it.  Toxins build up in your blood stream and can get released through your skin and in your sweat.  The other day I also smelled ammonia at the very end of my workout but I guess that's somewhat normal too.  If you workout too long and too hard without sufficient carbohydrates, your body starts burning fat or protein instead of carbohydrates in large amounts.  It results in your body releasing ammonia.  I thought it was weird and I looked it up.  From all of the different websites on it, I guess it happens to a lot of people.  Marathoners prevent that by drinking Gatorade or other sports bevs to restock on carbs.  Little tidbit of the day that no one will read.  I'm leaving for Tennessee tomorrow.  This should be interesting.


Day 8: Tickets to the Gun Show

Week One is over! In the little guide thingy that came with Power 90, they said that the first week was the hardest.  I'm still doing it.  My biceps already feel huge and my triceps are toning up quite nicely as well.  I feel more energetic but I'm not noticing any other changes.  I'm not expecting anything major but it would be nice motivation to keep it going.  I'm trying to push myself but the exercises where body weight is the resistance are kicking my butt.  A full set of push-ups or dips without any modification is a long way off.  I'm a little concerned for my workout routine while we are in Tennessee.  The good news for that is it is supposed to be crap weather while we are there.  This means less going out and such and therefore, no excuse not to workout.  I will still be moving around and getting exercise even if I don't do the tapes but I want to keep up the routine.  It's so early that it would be a bad sign to start making excuses and exceptions.


Day 7: Passion

Yesterday was Mother's Day and Mom was at work so I should have worked out but you are supposed to rest one day a week anyway so I just did that.  Today I did more Turbo Jam for my cardio.  Punch, Kick and Jam is really martial arts focused workout which is a nice change up.  There's a section where Chalene, the instructor, tells you to get passionate.  Picture something in your way and throw it to the ground.  I realized at that point how many things I can't do because of my size.  What will be different when I'm thinner.  I will be able to dance and not get so sweaty.  My acne will probably clear up because excess fat causes hormone imbalances.  I will be able to go shopping with my friends.  I'm especially excited to go vintage/ Goodwill shopping with Nora and be able to find really funky pieces that fit my style and my size.  I also want to make sure that I'm not rejected from Peace Corps or Americorps because of my size.  I won't need to worry if I will fit into a seat for an amusement park ride.  Traveling will be easier and more comfortable.  I need to focus on all of those things to keep me going although I am enjoying the workouts more and feeling less drained after them.  I need to work on my flexibility still but I think I will just stick with the Turbo Jam workouts to add some variety.


Day 5: Energy Legs!

This thing is starting to have an impact!  This morning my mom came in to kiss me goodbye before leaving for work and I woke up.  That was at 6 a.m. I stayed up because I couldn't go back to sleep.  Not because I was uncomfortable or anxious but because I wasn't tired at all!  That is a new one for me.  I always knew that working out regularly improves energy levels but I haven't felt it before.
I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow.  I have been using the resistance bands for the past workouts but today I used free weights.  I am a lot more tired and shaky than I have been.  This is good because it means that I am pushing myself and improving.  Protein is more of a priority for me now to help build lean muscle, which while help to burn fat.  I will be making more changes to my diet but exercise is my priority change for the time being.
In non-fitness related news, I have a job!  I got hired at Biggby's, a coffee chain in the Midwest.  I have my first day of work on the 20th after we get back from vacation.  I'm excited to have a regular paycheck again.  Last night, Maggen, Mandeep, Zach and I all went to see Iron Man 2.  It exceeded my admittedly low expectations.  Before that, I went to late lunch with Meighan and Julia.  That was lovely to catch up and just laugh with old friends.  We also went over to Julia's house and went through old pictures.  I am so lucky to have friends that have been in my life for so long.


Day 4: I Cheated On Tony

I made a good faith effort to do the Power 90 video this morning but it was not working.  First of all, after years of rugby practice in the evening, I'm better with working out in the afternoon/evening so morning(ish) workouts are kind of a challenge for me.  The static stretching in the Cardio routine is not good for me.  My calves and hamstrings were so tight the past two days that today they are both tight and sore from my stubborn will.  This made the Power Yoga impossible.  I had tears welling up.  I don't like the routine anyway.  It's repetitive and the music sucks.  If I get bored, I'll quit so I might just go off the video altogether and just do Power Jam instead.  That workout is longer and keeps my heart rate up the whole time.  I've also done those workouts so many times before that I can just turn my brain off.  I never stuck with them consistently so I didn't give them a chance.  I like the music and they are high energy.  One of the annoying things about the Power 90 workout is that Tony is the only one with a mic so he'll talk to "the kids" in the background and it goes over like a lead balloon.  Chalene's people respond and look like they are enjoying themselves which is oddly believable since I have fun too.  If I work on my flexibility and get to the point where I can do the Yoga section without crying, I'll work it back in to the routine.  I hope the more advanced tape has a bit more variety.  The first one is painfully boring.


Day 3: The Beat Goes On

Did the Sculpting video again today.  Oddly enough, I'm more sore from yesterday but that was mostly to do with the stretching.  I thought I was flexible but I guess that doesn't apply to my calves.  In other news, I got my grades today. A in American Foreign Relations, A- in International Political Economy and my capstone and a B+ in East Asia 1800 to Present.  Other good news, I got an A- on my term paper in my capstone that I turned in late. Meaning, it was an A paper that got marked down.  I am very happy with that.  Since Julia and I are not going to be hanging out tonight, I might do a cardio workout.  I feel more sweaty from the "Sculpt" video than I did for the "Sweat" video.  Something is wrong there.  I didn't go at it whole hog yesterday but that was because it was my first time through.  I'll throw myself into it with more intensity tomorrow but for now, Turbo Jam is in my future.


Day 2: Is That It?

I just (meaning still sweaty) completed the Cardio Routine of Power 90. I'm not terribly impressed. It was repetitive and felt very 70's Jane Fonda tape.  I think that I will probably end up swapping out TurboJam or other similar workouts because that will get really old really fast.  I am not in good shape.  I'm definitely better off than I was when I started college but that is because I did rugby.  I was expecting something way more intense. My one area that I struggled in was transitioning to a runner's lunge but that mostly has to do with my arms being too short and my gut being too big.  This workout is nowhere near as intense as I expected but I suppose they want you to be able to stick with it and not die.  I can't really believe that people could get the results they show on TV with this but I'm just in the first set.  I really hope that the III-IV really kicks it up.  I didn't push myself too hard yesterday because I wanted to get used to it but I wasn't sore at all this morning except for a bit in my inner thighs.  We shall see if this "in home boot camp" is all it's cracked up to be.


Power 90: A Fitness Odyssey

Today I started what will hopefully be the program that gives me life.  I'm so sick of being obese and not having energy.  Power 90 might be the workout that can change that.  This is a program that really emphasizes discipline for 3 months.  After that, you are welcome to do whatever you want.  I can handle that.  Sculpt Phase I-II was not really that hard.  The really hard part for me is the push-ups.  I've never been good at them but a large part of that is because the resistance comes from body weight which I have more than enough of.
I got a punch in the face of reality when I saw that my mom was trying to get me health insurance and I'm uninsurable.  She didn't directly tell me this but it was by the computer.  At this point, I am too fat to risk the money even though I am 21 and have no underlying health problems.  This is Day 1 of the journey to responsibility.  For too long I just resigned myself to being fat.  It was genetics, not my eating habits that made me fat.  Well, a large part is genetics because even when I was swimming 5 days a week, I still didn't lose any weight.  No matter what is to blame, it's my burden to bear.  This is going to be hard but I need to just keep in mind that as dramatic as it sounds, my life is at stake.  I want to live more than just 30 more years plagued by health problems and restrictions because of my size.  After graduation, I've spent nearly 17 years on my education.  All of that time working on bettering my mind doesn't matter if I drop dead.  I want to be able to use this brain that I've worked so hard for for the next 80 years or so.  It will be hard and I will need encouragement but in the end, this can give me a future.