Day 23: Food Love

I worked out with my mom this morning.  We did 50 minutes of cardio.  I'm still nursing my ankle but I'm back to doing high impact; I just avoid the stuff that involves jumping side to side.  I actually got out of bed and went right to starting my workout without breakfast.  This was only because my mom and I had a day planned.  After we got showered and such, we went to Biggby and got coffee.  After that, we set out for Ann Arbor to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.  I'd never been to either before but Whole Foods is the chain that they shop at on Top Chef and now I totally see why!  First, we had lunch at their salad and everything else bar.  I just picked up some of everything including some Mediterranean kale, sesame noodles, veggie stir-fry and sesame tofu.  I had a pound and a half of food (700g for Tina).  I didn't really feel guilty about it because except for a bit of noodles, it was all veggies.  It was awesome and really reminded me of Chimera in Krakow.  They have an olive bar and so we got an antipasto tray and some breads to have for dinner tonight.  There were so many amazing looking pastries and prepared salads.  We also talked to several of the people working there and they all seemed fairly happy to be there and really knowledgeable.  Trader Joe's is so bloody cheap!  It was awesome.  I bought some Yogi Ginger Tea which is normally around $5 or 6.  There, it was $2.50.  I also got a Thai Green Curry and a Masala simmer sauce and some orange flavored dried cranberries.  My big purchase today was a new water bottle.  It's a metal one this time which is better because the metal doesn't leech chemicals into my water.  It was only $12.99 on sale, marked down from 20.  It's got swirly blue designs and a guy sitting in the lotus pose with a water drop on his heart.  I like it.  It will take some getting used to since I've had my Nalgene with me at all times for almost 3 years.  Anyway, that was my day.  Tomorrow, I have to be at work at 7am!  Gulp!  I've never worked that early in my life.  It will be wicked busy so I'm going to have to sink or swim.  I'll let you know!


Day 22: Back On Track

I took yesterday off to give my ankle time to recover.  I just did Punch, Kick and Jam but with all of the low impact modifications.  I was feeling really tired and low energy when I started my workout but now, I'm feeling a lot better.  I have to work at 5 so I don't have a lot of time to blog before I need to get showered.  I think today was kind of a reminder of how far I've come because I used to only be able to do the low impact stuff.  I couldn't do all of the jumping around without exhausting myself.  Now, I do it without really thinking about it.  The workouts are still challenging but they are doable.  Today, I also re-read the Paul McKenna book.  I really want to step up the changes in my body so that's what needs to be done.  I'm glad that Mom is seeing my dedication to this and I want to make this my last attempt at getting healthy.  I am getting into a routine so hopefully, by incorporating exercise into my life, I can make those changes permanent.


Day 20: Set Back

I twisted my ankle today while I was working out.  Ankle injuries are cumulative so the more you hurt it, the easier it is to do it again.  Curses!  It makes me sad.  I didn't get to finish my workout because it was the Fat Blaster one which is really high impact stuff that I would just injure myself even further.  I have to work tomorrow at 9.  I'm not really a morning person but next week I have two days that start at 7 a.m.  This might help me get used to that.  I hope so!


Day 19: Restart

Ok, I know this isn't actually day 19 but I have been lax about my dedication to working out.  I have been working out but not every day.  Yesterday, I was doing Cardio Party 3 but the humidity and heat hit me hard so I had to stop and didn't actually do the full workout.  Today, I did more sculpting.  I hope adding variety can keep me going.  I want so badly to be healthy.  The other day my mom said that she was seeing a difference in my shape which is awesome.  I've actually gained weight since I've started my commitment to exercise.  I think that is just because I've put on a fair amount of muscle which should be paying dividends in the next few weeks.  Muscle burns calories so the added weight will actually be burning calories for me.  I feel like my thighs are getting noticeably thinner.  I hope this kind of change keeps up.  In all honesty, I kind of didn't expect anything to be different because I've been working out, without a real schedule or routine, for years.  Consistency makes all of the difference.
Work is going well.  I'm pretty well acclimated and Brooke is starting to show me things for being a shift leader which is a really great sign.  I hope that I keep this up.  I'm realizing how easy it is to talk to people.  A lot of people at work have commented about how confident I am and how great I am at talking making conversation.  Seriously, that is my favorite part of the job.