If Anyone Asks About Me, Don't Tell 'Em Nothing

This has certainly been an interesting night. I was sitting on the couch, with the Bugadog, watching How I Met Your Mother. I hear a knock at the window. This morning, Justin had gone out on a walk and forgotten his keys and had to knock on the window for me to let him in. I had assumed that this was him making the same mistake twice. I was wrong. I looked out to the patio and didn't see anything. Then I look out to the grass and see a girl (later I was to learn that her name is Kristy and she is in fact 19). She was out of breath and looked really spooked. She asked if she could come in and use my phone because someone was chasing her. I didn't give it a second thought. I invited her in and handed her my cell phone. She made a few calls and cursed the recipients for not picking up. Eventually, she was able to reach her mother. Kristy took the phone to the bathroom to talk to her mom. Now, let me tell you a few things that I learned about Kristy. She is a young looking, casually dressed African American female. She was well spoken but as soon as she got on the phone, she dropped into slang and calling everyone "bro". Her voice also projects very clearly and the apartment is not large enough for a voice like that to dissipate. Back to Kristy in the bathroom, I distinctly heard "Mom, are you high or something?". The events that eventually came to light as follows. Kristy was with friends at the mall when they went to Hollister. She tried on some jeans and apparently the manager had assumed that she had removed the tag or some such thing. Upon accusing her of shoplifting, the manager called the mall rent-a-cops. Rather than stand by and explain to security that she had done nothing wrong, Kristy ran. She blew through California Pizza Kitchen, past Super Buffet and Target, and somehow ended up knocking on my window. She tried to reach several friends and asked one of them to come pick her up. As she was on her way out, she said "look, you been real nice to me. If anyone asks about this, don't tell them nothing. I don't want you to have to answer a bunch of questions about this." She left to wait for them and I thought it would be an amusing anecdote. Then, she showed up again. Her friends had not taken her seriously or had no idea where they were going or some such thing. Anyway, she had several long conversations with her friends (she had calmed down and was back to what I can only assume is her usual self). After talking on my phone for a cumulative 25 minutes, she looks at me and says "you got free minutes right?" I assured her that it was alright but really wishing she had thought to ask that question before. We chatted between phone calls and she seems like she could be nice if she fought the urge to "punch that bitch out". All told, she came into the apartment 4 times and made 26 phone calls. It was bizarre but as it has been half an hour since she left, I assume she was able to find her friends. I just had to share this odd occurrence in my life this evening. Tomorrow, I have the day off for a doctor's appointment and the rest of the day will be spent doing some chores and possibly taking Bug to a dog park.

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